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Knowledge of ADHD in Thailand

Abstract: The current research examined the level of knowledge of ADHD in Thailand. Knowledge of ADHD is important, as lack of knowledge my lead serve as a barrier to treatment.  The study found that the Thai sample answered 43.59% of the KADDS correctly. The percentages were compared to previous studies other countries. Although Thais scored lower […]

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A Study On The Influence Of Thai Cultural Factors On Attitudes and Perceptions of ADHD

Abstract: The current research examined Thai cultural factors, such as religiosity, stigmatization of mental disorders, holistic thinking, and health locus of control towards attitudes and perceptions of ADHD, moderated by prior exposure to ADHD. The Thai translated scales Multidimensional Health Locus of Control Scales (MHLC), the SBI (Religious Beliefs/Practices), the Community Attitudes towards the Mentally Ill […]

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FDA Approval Process

Many medications are found to have adverse health consequences even after being approved by the FDA. Although medications undergo extensive trials in most cases, the FDA approval process in not fool proof. Problems may show up years after medications have received approval from the FDA for multiple reasons.  People often mistakenly assume that FDA approval […]

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The Monoamine Theory of Depression

The monoamine theory is an important theory in helping us to understand some of the contributing factors that may lead to mental illness. This theory point towards the role neurotransmitters play in mental disorders. Serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine seem to play a role in several mental disorders, such as depression and schizophrenia. For example, an […]

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The Psychological Benefits of Travel

To have lived abroad, is to have seen the world through the lens of another. Indeed, traveling abroad often broadens your horizons and allows you to see the world through another’s perspective. Expats living abroad often find that they have changed or evolved in many ways that prove beneficial to their lives—careers, life satisfaction, and […]

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Literature Review of Codependency Introduction Codependency is a psychological process that originally emerged from the study and treatment of addiction and its effect on families. While it originates from the addiction field, psychologist and family therapist have come to recognize this psychological process as occurring between non-addicted family members (as well as in families with […]

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Heroin Addiction

Search Engine: Google   Search items used: Heroin Addiction   List of first 5 sites:     The DSM-IV does not specifically address heroin addiction per se, but rather the general category of opioid addiction (304.00 Opioid Dependence, pg. 270 in the DSM-IV). Furthermore, the […]

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Dissociative Identity Disorder

Running head: DID       Dissociative Identity Disorder: A Case Study     A Research Paper Presented to The Faculty of the Department of Psychology East Carolina University       In Partial fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of the Substance Abuse and Clinical Counseling program   by   Eric K. Mason […]

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Alcohol Dependence

303.90 Alcohol Dependence *The criteria used for alcohol dependence are the same as those used for all substances*   Criteria for Substance Dependence:   Recurrently problematic and frequent substance use, which leads to clinical and serious impairment or distress. Three or more of the following must occur within a 12 month period as a result […]

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Mental disorders and Military Families

By Eric Mason Introduction Military personnel or embassy officials and their families must contend with certain life stressors, which make their experiences unique from many perspectives. For example, military personnel and their families must relocate often, as they are frequently deployed to various bases around the country. At times, the military requires military personnel to […]

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