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Psychotropic Medications in Thailand

Review of Psychotropic Medications in Thailand Psychotropic medications refer to medications used to treat mental/psychological disorders. This included antidepressants, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, as well as antianxiety medications. Stimulant medications used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy are also considered psychotropic medications. At times, Stimulant medications are used “off label” to treat depression as they may provide […]

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Somatoform disorders

Eric K. Mason According to Arnold, De Waal, Eekhof, and Van Hemert somatoform disorders are among the most common mental disorders found in primary care settings (2006). In a recent study conducted by Arnold, et al., the prevalence of somatoform disorders in primary care settings was measured at 16.1% (2006). Some studies have reported the […]

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Psychological History

Eric K. Mason What is Francis Bacon’s method of finding Truth?  What are some of the impediments to its description?  What is Truth to Bacon?   Francis Bacon believed that inductive reasoning was the path that would lead us to Truth. Inductive reasoning relies on the gathering of many individual facts, which eventually allows one to […]

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History of Psychology

Many argue that Wundt was one of the first (if not the first) true psychologists. Indeed, he strove to move psychology away from a more philosophical perspective towards a more experimental science. Wundt Held as one of his goals the development of psychology into a new science that could stand along side such established sciences […]

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behavioral psychology

Eric K. Mason Discuss the fundamental concepts of behavioral psychology as exemplified in the works of Pavlov and Watson. The most important aspect of behavioral psychology is its namesake, behavior. Behavioral psychology seeks to investigate that which it only believes can be empirically explored—observable behavior. Such an idea is in stark contrast to other concepts […]

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Depression in Adolescence

Depression in Adolescence     Psychological development of depression Pre school children- depression rare Age 6-8- May feel sad without “cognitive reasons”   Child “intuits” feelings and cannot give Reasons for them. Persistent negative moods rare   Adolescence – mentally more developed and the adolescent will seek a “cause” for unhappy and negative feelings and […]

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DYNAMICS OF DEPRESSION (COGNITIVE MODEL)   COGNITION, BEHAVIOR, & BIOCHEMISTRY ARE ALL COMPONENTS OF DEPRESSIVE DISORDERS.   DEPRESSED INDIVIDUALS DISTORT INTERPRETATIONS IN A NEGATIVE MANNER.   Overgeneralization beyond logical consequences.   Early “schema’s” create predisposition Schema’s are early themes of what to expect of self, others, and life; usually unconsciously   These are experienced as […]

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Impulse Control Disorders

Treatment of Impulse Control Disorders     Gambling: Treat much as an addiction. Consider only what they do, not what they say. Duration of gambling free time is time is primary criteria. Reduce debts Develop other interest. (Most important).   Kleptomania: No known special treatment. Treat other disorders associated with it. Treat as addiction.   […]

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Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders   Primary Sleep Disorders   Primary Insomnia (307.42) Difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep or of nonrestorative sleep that lasts for least one month and causes clinically significant distress.   Individuals often report difficulties falling asleep as well as intermittent wakefulness during sleep.   Primary Hypersomnia (307.44) Excessive sleepiness for at least 1 month […]

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Adjustment Disorders

Adjustment Disorders        Adjustment Disorder: the development of emotional or behavioral symptoms in response to an identifiable stressor(s) occurring within 3 months of onset of symptoms. (note: the stressor is not a bizarre or traumatic stressor as might be present in PTSD)   Note: Code stressor on Axis IV.     309.0 With […]

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