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Sex Addiction

True sex addiction is more than just having a high sex drive.

The consequences of sex addiction can be severe, much like any other addiction (gambling or drug addiction).

Sex addiction may come in many forms. It may be limited to pornography and fantasy or may involve prostitution and/or sexually deviant behaviors.
Of course, sexually not everyone is the same.

What some regard as deviant, others may not. However, those with sex addiction feel their lives are out of control or have begun to suffer negative consequences as a result of sex addiction.

Such negative consequences may include loss of marriagefriendshealth problems, or financial difficulties.

Sex Addiction Treatment in Bangkok
Often but not always, people with sex addiction may have other addictions, as well. Some people may use drugs to enhance their sex addiction.

This usually involves the use of stimulants, such as cocaine or methamphetamine. Like other addictions, getting help early will ensure better outcomes.

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