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Counseling Therapy and Treatment Approaches

Like most psychotherapist nowadays, Lighthouse Human Services & Consulting takes an eclectic approach to counseling and psychotherapy.

This approach draws from multiple therapeutic approaches, instead of just relying on a single approach. This tends to be the most effective form of therapy for most people.

That being said, we rely heavily on the following approaches: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational InterviewingNarrative TherapySolution-Focused Therapy, and Positive Psychology.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a combination of and evolved from the tenants of cognitive therapy and behavioral therapy (as it name implies).

This is one of the most widely used and well-researched therapeutic approaches. It is often particularly helpful in cases of depression and anxiety.

Put simply, CBT focuses on helping people to change engrained thinking patterns and irrational beliefs which often keep them stuck in dysfunctional behaviors which keep them from achieving optimal functioning in their lives.

Motivational Interviewing is another well-researched and effective therapeutic approach. It is often useful in helping people with addiction or substance abuse problems; however, it can be applied to other areas, as well.

The main tenants of Motivational Interviewing are to help people bring out their intrinsic motivation and help resolve ambivalence towards dysfunctional behaviors.

For example, alcoholics often want to quit drinking and not quit at the same time.

This approach can help people resolve these ambivalent feelings regarding addiction.

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Narrative Therapy focuses on the stories that people tend to tell themselves about themselves. It seeks to help people re-author these stories so that they may seem themselves in a new light and realize the unique value that their lives have.

A particular helpful therapeutic technique employed by Narrative Therapy is called externalizing the problem.

This techniques helps people to separate their identity from the problems that they may be facing in life. In other words, a person’s identity is separate from the problem and they are just experiencing a problem in life.

Solution-Focused Therapy is a therapeutic approach which focuses on finding solutions rather than excessive discussion of past problems.

It seeks to help people realize effective coping strategies for whatever problems they may be experiencing.

This therapeutic approach advocates many useful techniques for counseling and psychotherapy, which are too detailed to go into at the moment.

Positive Psychology is a branch of psychology which focuses on personal growth rather than pathology. Positive psychology focuses on developing positive emotions, positive individual traits, and positive institutions.

Positive emotions are concerned with being content with one’s past, being happy in the present and having hope for the future.

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