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Published: July 13, 2017
Eric Mason

Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders


Primary Sleep Disorders


Primary Insomnia (307.42)

Difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep or of nonrestorative sleep that lasts for least one month and causes clinically significant distress.


Individuals often report difficulties falling asleep as well as intermittent wakefulness during sleep.


Primary Hypersomnia (307.44)

Excessive sleepiness for at least 1 month as

evidenced by prolonged sleep episodes or

daytime sleep episodes


Narcolepsy (347)

Repeated irresistible attacks of refreshing sleep, cataplexy and recurrent intrusions of elements of rapid eye movement sleep into the transition period between sleep and waking.


Breathing-related sleep disorder (780.59)

Sleep disruption due to abnormalities in ventilation (sleep apnea, central alveolar hypoventilation).


Excessive sleepiness is most common presenting complaint.


Circadian Rhythm sleep disorder (307.45)

Persistent or recurrent pattern of sleep disruption that results from altered function of the circadian timing system.


May be typed as:

Delayed sleep phase type

Jet lag type

Shift work type

Unspecified type


Dyssomnia NOS (307.47)

Used for sleep disorders that do not meet specific type above.




Grouping characterized by abnormal behavioral or physiological events occurring during or associated with sleep.


Nightmare disorder (307.47)

Repeated occurrence of frightening dreams that lead to awakenings from sleep.


Nightmares are typically elaborate dreams that are highly anxiety provoking or terrifying.


Sleep Terror disorder (307.45)

Repeated occurrence of sleep terrors (abrupt awakenings from sleep with panicky scream or cry).


The individual is typically unresponsive to the efforts of others to awaken or comfort him/her.


Sleepwalking disorder (307.46)

Repeated episodes of complex motor behavior initiated during sleep, including rising from bed and walking about.


Parasomnia NOS (307.47)

Abnormal behavior or physiological events during sleep or sleep-wake transitions that do not meet other specific criteria.


Sleep disorders related to another disorder


Insomnia related to another mental disorder (307.42)


Hypersomnia related to another mental disorder (307.44)


Sleep disorder due to a General Medical Condition (780.xx)

.52 Insomnia type

.54 Hypersomnia type

.59 Parasomnia type

.59 Mixed type


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